Return to Public Masses

Published on June 20, 2020

What will we need to consider as we make a return to Mass the first weekend in July?

There will be a number of changes that we will need to consider. These include the following:

  1. How we should enter and leave the church maintaining social distancing.
  2. There are assigned places to be seated in the church. We have a limited number of places in each church and it will be on a first come basis. Places will be limited; a calculated capacity when reached cannot be exceeded
  3. How we process up to communion following social distancing. There are markings on the floor in each one of the churches.
  4. We will not have any basket or envelope collections. There will be two boxes on tables in the back of the church, one for envelopes and one for offertory collections. These collections are needed for the upkeep of the churches.
  5. How we leave the church maintaining social distancing.
  6. The dispensation from Mass still holds so, for now. We will have an extra mass each week in the churches. When mass is in Kilquiggan on the Sunday we will have mass on Tuesday evening in Clonmore at 7.30 pm and when mass is in Clonmore on the Sunday we will have mass on Tuesday evening in Kilquiggan at 7.30. There will be morning mass in Ballyconnell on Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30 and Friday evening at 7.30 pm.
  7. Mass leaflets we be left on the seats.

We will need to be patient and kind to one another, especially to our parish volunteers.