Fast from judging others – discover Christ in them.
Fast from hurtful words, always use encouraging words
Fast from moaning always be grateful
Fast form losing your temper always be patient.
Fast from pessimism, fill yourself with Christian hope.
Fast from complaining, and feast on appreciation
Fast from bitterness and feast on forgiveness.
Fast from idle gossip and feast on purposeful silence.
Fast from worrying, be confident in God.
Fast from discontent and feast on gratitude.
Fast from anger and feast on optimism
Fast from facts that depress and feast on verities that uplift.
Fast from problems that overwhelm and feast on prayer that undergirds.
Fast from complaining always rejoice at the marvels of life.
Fast from pressures pray without ceasing
Fast from bitterness, always be forgiving.
Fast from giving importance to yourself, be compassionate with everyone.
Fast from over anxiety about your things, commit yourself to building the kingdom of God
Fast from discouragement, always be enthusiastic,
Fast from worldly thoughts; build your life on the truths of holiness
Fast from everything that separates you from Christ.
Fill yourself with everything that brings you closer to him.