Ways of Contributing to our Parish.

Published on February 2, 2023

                             Ways of Contributing financially to our Parish.

  1. Using your parish envelopes at mass or dropping them into the Parish Centre. We would encourage you to always use your envelopes as we can claim back tax on your generous contributions.
  2. Using the donation link on diocesan website, specifying that it is for Clonmore parish.
  3. Transferring your contributions directly into the parish account.
    IBAN: IE11AIBK93332511288065
  4. Supporting our Lotto (you may also win some money) – you can also help by selling lotto tickets at our bingo. Supporting our bingo, playing bingo or helping bingo organising committee.

On behalf of the parish community I sincerely thank you for your continued financial support. Once again, a sincere thank you. A sincere thank you also to all those who support us online by direct debits, and on Diocesan website.