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19 May 2024 Pentecost

Published on May 18, 2024
Many years ago I heard a story on the radio, which I have never forgotton. It was about an auctioneer,  and he was selling the contents of a house.  He […]

The Ascension of Our Lord

Published on May 11, 2024
When Beethoven finished writing his 23rd. piano sonata,  he wrote the word appassionata on the cover.  Ever since then it has that name.  When we listen to it, we can […]

Sixth Sunday of Easter 2024

Published on May 4, 2024
The ancient greeks were very wise, and very often to teach a lesson, they would tell a story. One such story is the sory of Damon & Pythias. They were […]

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Published on April 27, 2024
Four-year-old Marion West shouted and jumped for joy when her mother came home from work on her lunch break. But Marion would become hysterical when her mother left again after […]

Fourth Sunday of Easter – Year B

Published on April 20, 2024
In 1953 during the Korean War, the communist army decided to drive thousands of people across the country in freezing cold weather.  Very many of them died along the way, […]

Third Sunday of Easter – B

Published on April 13, 2024
Ghosts make very good stories. Shakespeare gave us the ghost of Hamlet, Oscar Wilde gave us the Canterville ghost, and Charles Dickens gave us three ghosts in a Christmas Carol. […]

Second Sunday of Easter – Year B

Published on April 13, 2024
Today is the second Sunday of Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday. This was designated by St. John Paul II not long before he died. As a young man Karol Wojtyla […]

Easter Sunday 2024

Published on March 30, 2024
The Resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the be-all and end-all of the Christian faith. If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, all bishops, priests, and Christian ministers should […]

St. Patrick 17 March 2024

Published on March 16, 2024
St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to interrupt Lent. Today we thank God for the gift of faith brought to Ireland by St. Patrick. Our national feast day helps […]

Fourth Sunday of Lent B

Published on March 9, 2024
John Henry Newman (1801-1890),  was a celebrated theologian, writter and professor. He was a Protestant, an Anglican minister.  But in his studies, he became convinced that the Catholic religion was […]