Second Sunday After Christmas

Christmas is coming to an end and before we finally end this season, we are invited once again to meditate on the true meaning of Christmas. One of the most meaningful phrases of the whole Christmas story for me came from the pen of Luke speaking about Mary: ‘Mary pondered all these things in her heart’. Many of you have experienced peace and happiness when you kneel down and just contemplate in silence the crib. Some of you have not been able to attend mass this christmas, due to the current restricions, but most of you have probably dropped into our churches, which are still open, Many people place a small crib in a prominent place in their own homes.  How many of us can say that we have reflected on the true meaning of Christmas or have we just drifted through it worrying about the fear and negativity that is rampant due to Covid 19.  In St. John’s gospel two of John the Baptist’s disciples follow Jesus and encounter him. Jesus’ question to the two young men—”What are you looking for?”—is an indispensably important one. Many people go through life not really knowing what they most fundamentally want, and accordingly, they drift. The correct answer to Jesus’ question is “eternal life” or “friendship with God” or “holiness.” This is the simple, clear, unambiguous articulation of the end goal that any believer should have as he endeavours to lead his life. Good news is always a welcome commodity. The good news of today’s gospel is the good news of the Christmas morning. ‘The Word was made flesh, he lived among us’.  It’s the most powerful verse in Scripture, and the Church never tires of singing the glory of this message. This message has grasped and inspired martyrs and missionaries, poets and prophets, saints and sinners for the past two millennia.  May it continue to inspire and encourage us, to take care of oursleves and to take care of others. In the moments of life when we need care, y my God do we need it know, God is near in Jesus the light of the world.  In the moments of life when others need God, we feed them with the word of God, with Jesus who came among his own, the Word made flesh. May Jesus the Son of God who came among us, continue to protect all of us during this coming year.