Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time – A

In the bible, in the book of Isaiah, we find a unique figure,  we don’t know his name he is simple called the servant.  He has the mission of briging the good news to the remotest parts of the earth.  He is a very good living person, who does nothing wrong, but yet he is destined for great suffering. His mission is to take on his shoulders the blame and suffering of the sins of others.  The prophet Isaiah uses the analogy to describe this servant:  he is like a sheep being led to the slaughter house.  In this servant, we see how the innocent suffer.  This is against our logic, we understand how evil people, hardened criminals should be punished,  but we cannot understand the suffering of the innocent.  In the figure of the  servant, we also see the figure of Jesus,  he too was sent to bring the good news to the ends of the earth; and he too was destined for great suffering; to accept the punishment for our sins and to die for them on the cross.  Peter and the apostles did not want to see him suffer and die, because they loved Jesus.  “Jesus you must not die on the cross, you must not suffer’.  Peter thinks that he is being nice to Jesus, that he is defending him,  but Jesus knows he has to die on the cross and he has to suffer.  He gives Peter a very severe correction, and calls him a stumbling block.  Peter was expecting to receive a compliment or a clap on the back, but he is now very disappointed and embarrassed.  Jesus will not let  anyone stop him from dying on the cross.  This happens to us as well, sometimes we, or someone we love has to suffer greatly,  bereavement, pain, sickeness, injustice, calumny, loneliness,  and we ask ourselves why me.  I did nothing to deserve this. How many times did we ask ourselves this question when we saw the images of the funerals of the suffering and pain and total loss of the parents and colleagues of those four young lives, full of potential anmd dreams,  that were tragically ended over a week ago.  How many times have we stood in a cold graveyard  staring into a cold grave, and witnessed the burial of a son or daughter or sibling  who prematurely passed away and we have asked ourselves the same question, why me?, what have I done to deserve this? this is ilogical?  When we feel like this, when this happens to us, we  can look at the suffering of Jesus,  and unite our suffering to his.  We an help him to carry his cross and as he has helped us to carry ours.