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Booking form for Weddings

Date of Wedding: _________________________ Time of Wedding_____________
Church: _______________________________________________________
Priest: _____________________________
Name of Bride: ____________________________________
Address: ________________________________________
Tel. No. _____________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________
Religion: ___________________________
Name of Groom: _________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Tel No. ________________________
E-mail address: ____________________________
Religion: __________________________________

This information is gathered to facilitate your wish to get married in the Roman Catholic Church.
The Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form (PNEF) is normally completed by the Parish Priest in your parish of residence. It is his record of his preparation with you and your freedom to marry. The PNEF and supporting documentation (baptism certificate, statement of freedom to marry, marriage preparation certificate etc.) are archived in the place of marriage and retained there for 75 years.
The entry in the Marriage Register is a permanent record. To facilitate the issuing of Marriage certificates. The information will not be used for any other purpose.
I/We consent to include our names being published in the Wedding Section of the Parish Newsletter/Parish Website: Y ☐ N ☐
I/We consent to our names being announced from the altar as being recently wed:
Y ☐ N ☐
Signed: _____________________
Marriage Information Requirements
+ You will need to make an appointment with any Civil Marriage Registrar at least 3 months before the proposed date of wedding.
+ You will need to give three months’ notice to the Parish Priest.
+ You will need to complete a Pre-Nuptial Enquiry form with your local priest.
+ You will need to attend a Pre Marriage course; you will find details from your Parish Centre and also on Diocesan website:
+ If one of the parties is not a Catholic, or living outside the country, your local priest will clarify the additional papers required.
+ We would like to suggest that the flowers used in the sanctuary are left for use in the church.
+ Donations: Parishioners: €250 donated to Church. Non-Parishioners: €350 donated to Church. An appropriate donation (€50) is made to Priest Celebrant. €50 donated to sacristan. Sacristans: Clonmore: Margaret Gahan – 087 6233359:, Ballyconnell: Jim Dunne – 087 682 4174, Kilquiggan: Gertie Keogh – 087 1159579
+ If you require altar servers – €20 donation to altar servers in total.
+ These are some practical suggestions for when you get closer to the date of the wedding.
+ When we get closer to the date contact you priest to organise a rehearsal.
+ When you come to the rehearsal bring the green folder with the civil papers so that the celebrant can leave them in the church.
+ Try to touch base with the sacristan of the church before the date, so that he/she can get everything ready in the church.
+ The church donation and priest donation: could you leave them into the Parish centre or Fr. John’s house before the day of the wedding please. Do not leave them with the sacristan or with anyone in the church. On the day of wedding you can leave the donation for the sacristan with the sacristan.
+ When we get closer to the date remind us in the Parish Office of the time of the ceremony.
+ Rosemary will have the entire paperwork ready in the parish office; if she needs anything she will be in contact with you, if you do not hear from her you can take it that everything is in order.