Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Humility and simplicity are two virtues that often go together. The best model, compendium of these virtues is little children. That’s why Jesus likes so much little children. We all know how little children speak out the truth. Tell the story of family going on trip and father being stopped for not having seat belt on and little boy who shows up his dad. Tell the story of the little girl who says grace before meals. First part of the gospel today makes the contrast between learned and clever and little children. Jesus had been preaching throughout his home region of Galilee. He had high hopes that the Pharisees and the religious leaders would accept his message and recognize that it came from God. After all, these are the “the learned and clever”, the experts of the law who know it inside out. They above all others should be able to recognize God’s son when he speaks to them. But Jesus’ efforts haven’t succeeded. The Pharisees and religious leaders reject his message. They do not see that he is the son of God. Jesus calls them painted sepulchers, dazzling white on the outside and corrupt on the inside because they insist on the external fulfillment of the law and not the spirit of the law. We sometimes focus our attention too much on the external fulfillment of the law and not on the spirit of the law, the motives behind the law. Jesus does not lose heart; he knows that his message has not been in vain. The ordinary people, those whom he describes as mere children have grasped his message. The words of Jesus today, come to me …” are a panacea, a welcome shot of optimism because so many good people are struggling at this time; struggling because of the consequences of this pandemic; unemployment, debt and uncertainty about the way forward; people who have contracted the virus and have underlying conditions, people wo have underlying conditions and are fearful of contracting the virus. While we are all delighted that we tiptoe cautiously back to normality, and this is our first weekend at public mass, some are still anxious about moving too quickly. We need to pick oursleves up now, support each other and repect each other and we can build up our confidence and tust in Christ as we move forward. We need to be confident and optimistic and realize that our lives are much greater than the uncertainty that envelopes our lives now. Confidence allows us to see beyond the present moment and to realize that no matter how many grey clouds darken the horizon, a blue sky always shines above. The yoke and cross that that we have been carrying over the last few months has been anything but easy but trusting in Christ this yoke and cross will become more bearable. Jesus says come to me all you who labour and are carrying heavy loads. When Jesus sees that we are tired and worried he will walk beside us and help us to carry our load and this will bring us solace and peace of mind. When we have had this experience with Jesus we then can help other people carry their burdens, we can help them by a word by a smile, telling them not to worry. Let’s learn from Jesus and helping others to carry their load it will bring peace and happiness to others and to us as well. During these summer months take time to cultivate a personal friendship with Christ. Be confident that with “God on our side who can be against us”.