Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many years ago I saw a film to Sir with Love. It is a British drama film that deals with social and racial issues in an inner city school. It stars Sidney Poitier who died on January 6th of this year, at the age of 94. In the film Lulu, a sottish singer with a powerful voice, makes her film debut.  Most of the school’s pupils have been rejected from other schools, and their conduct drove the last teacher to resign. But as time went by the teacher knew how to win their hearts, with his kindness and with his integrity.  At the end of the year the time comes for the teenagers to leave. They are sad, because they feel that they are leaving their best friend. One girl comes forward, and sings a beautiful song ‘To sir with love.’   “The time has come, for closing books and long last looks must end. And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best friend; a friend who taught me right from wrong, and weak from strong; that’s a lot to learn. What can I give you in return? If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start. But I would rather, you let me give my heart. To Sir, With Love.” In this song she expresses very well the relationship between  the students and their teacher.  In this weeks gospel, we find another teacher,  this time it is Jesus.  He has been away for some time, now he comes back to Nazareth,  and he goes to teach in the synagogue. The listeners are fascinated by his words,  he is bringing good news for the poor;  freedom for captives,  sight for the blind, liberty for the opressed. There was a great sense of elation among his listeners. This feeling was something similar to the feeling we all felt last Friday when Michael Martin announced the lifitng of almost all restrictions. The majority of us felt so relieved on hearing this good news. Jesus will go on to teach for three more years; not only in the synagogues but everywhere;  not only with words, but with everyting he does; with his example and kindness; Jesus is the teacher who gives his life for all of us. We must listen to Jesus in the silence of our hearts. Everyday he will teach us something new,  he is always the one who brings good news,  and he is the teacher who can prepare us for the trials and tribulations that life has to offer. We as followers of Jesus must by our kindness and integrity bring this good news to everyone we meet; and now that restrictions have been lifted, why not invite our friends and neighbours back to church.