Twenty Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Story of poor farmer who lived in the west of Ireland, Paddy, married, piece of land, 6 children. Because of the current situation he found himself unable to pay his electricity bill and heating bill and he had fallen into arrears in his mortgage payments. He had a great personal faith in God, decides to write a letter to God, asking him for €100. Post office and left the letter in, people of the little village were aware of Paddy’s plight, when they saw the letter; they decided to raise some money for him.  They managed to raise €95. They put it into an envelope and put it in Paddy’s post Box. When Paddy came into town the following week, he saw he had a letter, and he was overjoyed when he saw that God had sent him some money. He wrote another letter to God; thanking him for the money and said the next time you want to send money, don’t send it through the post office, because those thieves robbed €5.  Jesus tells us that if our faith is like it a mustard seed, we can do wonderful things. We must help it to grow. Mustard seeds are tiny but produce large bush type vegetation. They also have extensive root systems which make them very hard to uproot. From something tiny comes something very enduring. Our faith must grow through the darkness of doubts, through the fog of questions, through the storms of let-downs.  God challenges our faith, and these challenges help our faith to grow. We are facing into a very challenging time in our Church with the shortage of priests, and the possible reduction in masses. Sometimes it’s so hard to change but we all need to change and sometimes we resist change. Story of this lad who was looking down over a cliff and a gust of wind blew him over, hanging on to a branch he shouts up: is there anyone up there? This is the voice of God. God, can you help me? Let go. Is there anyone else up there?  Sometimes we don’t want to let go and trust in God. We are like the disciples in the gospel today “Lord, give me more faith.” The Lord says, “You have me, you have enough.” This Sunday let us really believe in God who saves us. Let us rejoice and be glad in the reality of our faith, friendship with Jesus Christ. He will look after the rest. When we look back at our own heritge and culture we realize that what made our country such a wonderful country in still there, all the talents, all the abilities are still there, and we should have utterly no doubt this country will always be the wonderful country it is. If everyone keeps moving one step at a time and does not get discouraged. It is a very challenging time for all of us, but we will get out of it if we hang together; and have faith and trust in God.